eSmart Engineering Support

eSmart Engineering Jordan is a Jordanian based company offering automation solutions in Jordan. By using this system you comply that you are not using to:

  1. Publish fake articles or content which is punishable by the law of Jordan
  2. Publish fake products or equipments which tend to defraud people
  3. eSmart Engineering does not support any services that will be used by the team which are not provided by eSmart Engineering
  4. System will be down and unaccessable in the case of pending payments or expired contract.

eSmart Engineering has offered “Slate Film Services” a Linux based server which operates with the latest security standards powered by Google Cloud Services as well as Kaspersky Cyper-security.

In case of server and email support eSmart Engineering offers 24/7 support. While in other SaaS Software as a Service as an example eSmart Product Managment System. eSmart offers support from Saturday till Thursday from 8:00 AM till 8:00 PM.

Website: https://www.esmrt.comĀ 

Server Login:

Phone : 00962796948782

Email :