Elemack Spyder Camera Dolly

Elemack Spyder Dolly

Nothing screams “Production Value” like camera movement. Spyder Dollies are great for small, budget-minded productions (sound familiar?) as well as student use due to their simplicity of design. Weighing in at around 200 pounds, a Spyder dolly is light enough to be easily loaded into a SUV or minivan, yet heavy enough to provide a solid, stable moving platform for your camera– not only that but a moving platform you can ride in a comfortable, seated position! (try that with a doorway dolly, or worse yet, a briefcase/platform/kit dolly!) Spyder dollies have been a mainstay on productions both large and small for decades. And yes, they have been known to leak a bit of oil. However, much has been made of what is, in reality, a rather easily managed issue. The dolly uses a foot-pump and regular, thin hydraulic oil to elevate the columns. At times a small amount of this oil can leak around the seals on the columns. A watchful eye and a quick wipe is all it takes to manage the oil issue. Old Dolly Grip Secret: storing the Spyder dolly with the column in the up position when not in use, greatly reduces the occurrences of oil leaking around the column seals. The oil issue in no way diminishes the performance of the dolly. We only mention it in the interest of full disclosure. If you are looking for a real, professional, affordable dolly, your search ends here.

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Elemack 1
Wheels  Set 8
Platformes 3
ExtensionStraight Small 1
Extension Straight Larg 1
Extension Curve  Large 1
Extension Curve Meduim 1
Extension Curve Small 1
Snake Arm 1
Cable Charger 1
Auto pull 1
Weights 27
Chair 1



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