Panther Classic Plus Camera Dolly

The new Classic Plus camera dolly is the successor of the worldwide loved Classic Dolly. The operators love the Classic and with the new Classic Plus a new standard was set. The dolly is based on a rugged, almost maintenance free and sturdy design. The central column configuration of the Classic PLUS Dolly provides its user with easy operation and unconstrained versatility already in his basic configuration.

All control elements are coloured to be easily recongized and easy to handle. The bolts can be fixed in „open“ position and can be adapted to the tracks perfectly – especially in curves.

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PANTHER CLASSIC (Hydraulic Dolly)
Panther (H.Dolly) 1
Chair 1
Remote hand set w/cable 1
Dolly Accessories  Box 1
Hight Low Rig w/2 weights ( snake arm) 1
Dolly Accessories Box 2
Bazooka BZ30 1
Bazooka BZ20 1
Long offset Bracket 50CM 1 4 screw
OFFSET Bracket 34CM 1 4 screw
OFFSET Bracket 17CM 1 4 screw
Spigot 3
seat extension 20cm 1
seat extension 15cm 1
seat extension 30cm 2
S seat extension 20cm 1
Cheesy plate 1
Mitchell Plate 1
Bowl Bracket 1 4 screws
150 mm Bowl 2
100 mm Bowl 1
Tube Connector 1  fixed on the dolly
wheel Connector rod (4ps) 1
mitchell 4 way leveling plate 1
Turn Buckle Harnes 16
Dolly Accessories Box 3
Dolly Accessories Box 4
Plate Form kit (4pcs) 1
Dolly Accessories Box 5
Batteries 4
Charger 2




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