SkyPanel 360c

ARRI has created the SkyPanel S360-C Kit to allow maximum creative use of the 360-C LED panel. The kit includes a 50.4 x 34.4″ surface area, bi-color fixture with a carbon fiber yoke and a short yoke for hanging the fixture facing down. The versatile light has interchangeable diffusion screens, so ARRI provides them all: Standard, Lite and Heavy

As with all ARRI LED lamp heads, the S360-C is fully tunable. Easily adjust the CCT from 2800K to 10,000K with plus/minus green control and access the full color gamut with Hue and Saturation control, RGBW mixing, digital gels, source matching, or CIE x, y coordinates. Achieving over 85% of the colors within the Rec 2020 color space, it is now easy to create the look and color you want right on set.

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Key Features : 
  • SkyPanel S360-C and Case
  • 50.4 x 34.4″ Panel Surface Area
  • Yoke and Short Yoke
  • Power Supply, Edison Cable


ARRI SkyPanle S360-C LED Softlight 
  • ARRI Standard Diffusion Panel for SkyPanel S360-C LED Light
  • ARRI Carbon Fiber Yoke for SkyPanel S360
  • ARRI Power Supply Unit for SkyPanel S360
  • ARRI Super Clamp Adapter for SkyPanel S30 and S60 PSU
  • ARRI DC Cable for SkyPanel S360 (16.4′)
  • ARRI powerCON Mains Cable for SkyPanel S360 (9.8′, Edison)
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
  • ARRI SkyPanel Remote 
  • ARRI USB Cable for SkyPanel Remote (16.4′)
  • Carry Case
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty
  • ARRI Super Clamp Adapter For SkyPanel S30 And S60 PSU
  • Super Clamp
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
  • Short Yoke
  • Lite Diffusion
  • Heavy Diffusion
  • Intensifier
  • 30° Honeycomb Grid
  • 60° Honeycomb Grid
  • Hard Case
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty


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